Since its founding in 1958, Lincoln Laboratory's focus has been the Oilheat Industry in general - aboveground heating oil storage tanks and fuel storage problems in particular.

With our unique proactive TANK-GUARD® Program, we provide Oilheat Dealers with a service that protects oil tanks against internal corrosion and provides tank replacement warranties for tanks that fail. The TANK-GUARD® corrosion inhibitor is a proprietary chemical formulation that is engineered specifically to fight electrolysis and corrosion on the tank bottom. It is backed by our "peace-of-mind" tank warranty which offers valuable financial protection to tank owners.

Our Bond-Tite Tank Service division has replaced tens of thousands of oil tanks. We see the inside of each of these tanks as we prepare them for disposal, so we probably know more than anyone else about how and why oil tanks fail.

We also produce a variety of oil additive products that are designed to perform specific fuel improving tasks such as preventing cold weather gelling and icing, cleaning oil lines and nozzles, reducing sludge accumulation, fighting microorganisms, etc.

In 2007 we introduced TANK CHECK™, an innovative web-based system for inspecting and evaluating heating oil tanks. TANK CHECK™ is a valuable tool that can help both Oilheat Dealers and tank owners keep track of oil tank safety issues.

The TANK-GUARD™ Program, TANK CHECK™ and our fuel additives are offered through Oilheat Dealers in the United States and Canada. Please contact us to learn about becoming a TANK-GUARD™ and/or TANK CHECK™ Dealer.

Bond-Tite Tank Service provides oil tank installation and replacement services within Central New England. Within its service area, Bond-Tite provides free tank replacements under the TANK-GUARD™ warranty. Bond-Tite works as a subcontractor for Oilheat Dealers. We operate a fleet of vehicles that are specially equipped to allow us to replace leaking oil tanks quickly and economically. We obtain permits for all work and provide complete disposal documentation for old tanks and hazardous waste. Please contact us for a free estimate for oil tank installation or replacement.