The TANK-GUARD® Program requires minimal effort on your part. We provide all the customer communications and marketing literature that you will need. We have professionally designed materials readily available or we can design custom mailers and fliers to suit your individual needs.

To introduce the TANK-GUARD® Program to your customers, and to maximize the number who sign up, we will prepare a mailing with introductory letters customized for your company plus colorful brochures, warranty notices, reply cards, etc. You will also receive training information that will give your staff the knowledge they will need to answer questions from customers. We even have a TANK-GUARD® web page that can be integrated into your website.

The TANK-GUARD® corrosion inhibitor is also provided as part of the service at no extra charge. We will give you all the TANK-GUARD® you need to treat the tanks that are enrolled in the program. Most dealers simply have their drivers install the TANK-GUARD® during regular oil deliveries.

Once you have billed everyone who signed up for TANK-GUARD®, you send us a list of the tanks enrolled. We do not charge for the bottles of TANK-GUARD®. We will invoice you only for the number of tanks actually enrolled on the program.

The renewal process is very simple. Each year you automatically bill the current TANK-GUARD® customers, just like renewing a service contract. We provide statement stuffers with the current warranty and a reminder reinforcing the value of the TANK-GUARD® Program. Of course, we will also send the new supply of TANK-GUARD® bottles that you will need.

Renewal time is usually a good time to try to increase the number of tanks enrolled. Repetition is an important key to marketing, so we will encourage you to send sales material to non-TANK-GUARD® customers on a regular basis. We have specially designed mailers for this purpose.

The TANK-GUARD® enrollment and renewal schedule can be adapted to mesh with your seasonal schedule. Some Dealers like to handle all of the TANK-GUARD® renewals at one time. Others prefer to spread the enrollment and renewal cycle throughout the year. We'll set up your program schedule to meet your company's needs.

All of our sales and marketing material is professionally designed and produced to project an image of the highest quality. Our program is easily adaptable to your requirements. As a TANK-GUARD® Dealer, you will find that you can count on us for comprehensive dealer support.